Associates Committee Meeting 2017

AC-USC MEETING 4/21-23/2017
The Academy of the Sacred Heart
St. Charles, Missouri
The Associates Committee of the United States and Canada gathered together in St. Charles, Missouri for their annual meeting the weekend of April 21-23, 2017.
We enjoyed catching up with one another and welcoming our new members, Lori Wilson, Kristi Laughlin, and Mary Kay Hunyady, RSCJ on Friday evening.
Saturday we began with a review of our Strategic Plan, Annual Goals, Committee Roles, and the Role of the regional representatives. 
We discussed ways in which we could strengthen our relationship and collaboration between Associates and other constituencies within our Sacred Heart ‘family’. Currently, we collaborate with other constituencies by setting up a welcome table during major events like the AASH Conference in San Francisco. Additionally, we plan to have a welcome table at the Assembly, and the Spirituality Forum this summer.
Our Associates Handbook is available on our blog under ‘Resources’ and we invite everyone to use this resource to learn more about our group. More resources will be added to the blog and we will look for ways to link our blog to other websites that may be of interest to all.
Additionally, Jane explained the leadership transitions for the Associates Committee. Jane will take an “ex officio” role in the summer of 2017 through the summer of 2018, and a new co-chair will begin to work with Cathy Knapik, by the summer of 2018.
The Spirituality Committee reported that Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ requested the participation of the Associates during the opening of the Bicentennial celebration of Philippine’s arrival in the New World, on June 23, 2017, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We will have a teleconference with all associate groups and the RSCJ’s celebrating a liturgy together. The RSCJ’s will renew their vows and all associates will have the opportunity to make a formal commitment.
We discussed the possibility of having our Co-coordinators meeting during the “Frontiers Conference” in July (19-22) of 2018, in Florissant, Missouri. This would be another way we may be able to communicate and collaborate with our Sacred Heart constituencies, to incorporate the four calls of the General Chapter 2016 into our future calls and plans.

The Sowers Committee, led by Jane Steinfels, will look at new avenues for growth of the Associates movement especially where new groups are desired; Brooklyn and Princeton, New York, and Denver Colorado. Mary Lyn Henkel, Seattle associate, will also work with Jane. 

Pat Geuting and Amy Richardson Co-coordinators for Washington, DC

Dear Associates,

We are very happy to announce the Provincial Team’s approval of Pat Geuting, RSCJ and Amy Richardson as co-coordinators for the Washington DC Associates’ Group. We are very excited that this group is moving forward.

Pat has been faithfully attending the Associates’ gatherings during the past year and a half and she expressed a willingness to take on the responsibility as a co-coordinator with Amy Richardson. She is deeply loved and respected by the members of the group and she has the skills and energy to do the job well.

Amy has been in our Sacred Heart family since she entered first grade at Stone Ridge in the early 60’s. She credits her twelve years at Sone Ridge with helping her to believe that “girls can do anything”, an attitude that served her well during medical school and her ensuing medical practice. She was involved with the Cleveland area AASH chapter and since moving back to DC has served on the Stone Ridge Alumnae Board and is currently a Trustee. Regarding the Associates, Amy writes: “Our year and a half of community building and discernment has convinced me that this relationship with the Society is the path opening before me to continue to live the journey toward the Sacred Heart charism that began all those years ago when Mother Mouton welcomed me to this wonderful Global family.”

We are grateful to Pat and Amy for their willingness to serve the Washington, DC Associates' group.

Cathy Knapik      Jane Steinfels
AC-USC Co-chairs

Associates Committee - December 2016 Report

Minutes of the Associates Committee (AC-USC) Conference Call
December 14, 2016

Participants: Sheila Hammond, Jane Steinfels, Cathy Knapik, Sue Whalen, Diane Roche, Julie Siderfin, Michelle Hogan, Peggy Gorman, Kathy Dolan, Carol Haggarty

Prayer offered by Diane

Transition Conversation
Due to new role in the Province Sheila announced that Carol Haggarty would replace her as the Provincial liaison. Carol has had a long and involved association with the St. Louis Associates. Also, since Carol works closely with the Team she will keep the them informed of the work and needs of the Associates.  Thank you Sheila and welcome Carol.

Broadening and Sharing roles and responsibilities

Quick review of responsibilities and regions as they stand now.

The Central Region already has 2 representatives because of its size.  With the formal beginnings of the Grand Coteau group in process, we need to reconsider the division of areas. Point of contact will be Yvonne Adler and Lucie Nordmann will be the RSCJ representative. Cathy Kinabrew and John have offered to help them start up.  Peggy and Julie were asked to consider what plan might be best.

Central I (Julie) will consist of: Omaha, St. Louis, New Orleans, Grand Coteau????

Central II (Peggy) will consist of: Halifax, Houston, Chicago, Detroit ???

We discussed a document outlining responsibilities of Chair/Co-Chair and Regional Representatives.  This was provisionally accepted.  We will live with it for 6 months and evaluate at the end of the year.   

Nominations for AC-USC replacements:
East – Lori Wilson
West: Kristi Laughlin, Molly Arthur, Mary Lyn Hikel
RSCJ member: Shelley Lawrence
Dec 15th deadline.
Phone interviews will be made: Cathy, Jane and Michelle.

Jane explained the gift of a virtual garden and tools that the AC-USC and Associates gave to Barb.  Well chosen, since Barb loves to garden!

Medals and Spirituality Forum:
Report given by Julie. 126 medals were mailed to 11 groups.
Spirituality Forum: A website will be forth coming with information needed for registration, etc.  (AC has earmarked $500.00 for each Associate member of the AC for the forum.)

Discussion regarding restricted funds.
Reviewed forms. Forms will be sent to Sue and Michelle for final editing.
Discussion around criteria for requests for funding. How to be used? How many times an individual has requested funding?
Each Associate group needs to be generating income. No one way has been decided.

New Business
Kathleen Hughes’ request to have Associates make their commitment during the Feast of the Sacred Heart video Eucharist on June 23, 2017.  Agreed.

A doodle will be sent for date and time of next meeting.

Submitted by Kathleen Dolan,rscj

Associates Committee - October Report

Associates Committee Transitions
Sue Whalen (Eastern), Michelle Hogan (Western), and Kathy Dolan are coming to the end of their terms on the Associates Committee.  We are seeking nominations to the Associates Committee for a representative from the Eastern region, from the Western region, and for an RSCJ to represent the Province (serving in an “at-large” role).  A request for nominations has been sent out by email and will be posted to the Update.  Nominations may be sent to or  New committee members will be asked to participate in a transition meeting in April of 2017 in St. Charles.

At our biennial Associate Committee - United States Canada (AC-USC) meeting at the Stuart Center in Washington, DC, this past April, the committee formally adopted an Associate symbol.  Each Associate who has made a commitment will receive a medal recognizing this commitment from the Associates Committee.  The medals may be presented at the renewal of commitment ceremonies held by the individual groups this year.  Associates who subsequently make commitments will be presented with the medal at his/her initial commitment ceremony.  If your group has not received their medals, please email

Finance Task Force:
The Associates Committee is developing criteria for a “scholarship fund” to assist groups who have a financial need when sending Co-Coordinators to Province meetings and other major expenses.  More information will be distributed in the coming months as the process is formalized.

Spirituality Forum: 
Please save the date for the Spirituality Forum – July 12-16, 2017 – in St. Louis, MO.  The theme, in preparation for the 200th anniversary of Philippine’s bringing in the Americas, celebrating her life and legacy.  The Forum will take place at St. Louis University and featured speakers are Catherine Mooney, Gerardette Philips, RSCJ, and Priscilla Solomon, CSJ.  The gathering will include presentations, small group reflections, workshops, prayer, daily liturgy, and celebration.  For inquiries email:

Associates Committee Spring Meeting:

To avoid conflicting with the Spirituality Forum, the Associates Committee will convene our next Co-Coordinator meeting in 2018.  In April of 2017, the Associates Committee and new members will meet in St. Charles, MO. 

-Cathy Knapik, Co-Chair, Associates Committee 

Associates’ Survey – Part 3

We continue to share the results of our Associates’ survey from February 2016.  Today’s responses were made in response to the question, “How does Sacred Heart Spirituality impact your life?”

Three major themes included: Spirituality/ Centrality/Foundation, Prayer/Relationship with God, and Social Justice. Example responses in each theme include:

Spirituality/Centrality/Foundation –  A common theme stated is that the Sacred Heart is the central focus and resting place of our lives. One individual shared that Sacred Heart spirituality becomes the metaphor for the foundation of heart and soul coming together in that deep understanding that love is the only way to move through our lives and to ensure joy and stability, no matter what challenges face us.

Prayer/Relationship with God – It is the very fiber of their being, prayer, and life walk with them on their spiritual walk. Another stated that her Spiritual Director helped her with the contemplative dimension of Sacred Heart Spirituality and deepens her vision of St. Madeleine Sophie and St. Philippine Duchesne. Additionally, Associates commented that their prayer life was fostered and actions were guided by their identity as an Associate of the Religious off the Sacred Heart. 

Social Justice – Sacred Heart spirituality gives each one a socially conscious sense of self and their religion as they see the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the heart of the Cosmos. Another stated that it supports her faith life and her call to be one with the poor. Also, one stated that they were compelled to pray more and to view the world and its needs through a broader and more inclusive lens.
In response to the question, “How do you envision the relationship between the Religious of the Sacred Heart and Associates in the USC Province evolving over the next 10 years?

Several themes emerged from the data: Deepening Relationship, Bearers of the Charism, 
Growth/Mentoring/Increased Membership, and Communication, Commitment/Transitions.
The following quotes summarize much of what was shared in the responses.
·       I imagine that the relationship will deepen in the next ten years. The Religious of the Sacred Heart will continue to embrace the role of lay people. The Associates will grow in numbers and they will help continue the mission and spread the charism of the society of the Sacred Heart. The Associates groups will find ways to work more closely with each other. We will continue to cherish, learn from, and be inspired by the RSCJ in our groups evolving in ways we cannot yet imagine.

We are happy to share this information with all of our Associates and the Religious of the Sacred Heart. Thank you to everyone that participated in our survey.

Cathy Knapik, Associates’ Committee, Co-Chair