Associates Committee - FOCUS GOALS 2017-18

Our Focus Goals for 2017-18 were very much inspired by the 2016 Chapter Calls.

·       To create silence, we will more carefully plan our shared time together including a commitment to generative listening and generative speaking.  We will encourage this practice at the local level as well.
·       To be one Body, we are committed to strengthening bonds with the larger Sacred Heart community, among Associates, between Associates and RSCJ, and engaging with the larger Sacred Heart community.  Additionally, the Spirituality Committee will seek to engage RSCJ in a survey similar to our survey of Associates considering how we are “breathing together” currently as well as opportunities for the future.  The regional representatives (Lori Wilson – Albany, Boston, Fairchester, Washington, DC; Julie Siderfin – Grand Coteau, New Orleans, Omaha, St. Louis; Peggy Gorman – Chicago, Detroit, Halifax, Houston; and Kristi Laughlin – Menlo, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle) are committed to collaborating with one another and strengthening their roles with the local groups in their areas.
·       To cross new frontiers, we look forward to gathering the Co-Coordinators from across the Province in July 2018.  Additionally, the Sower Committee will work to develop new groups including a possible virtual group as well as providing resources for growth and leadership development.  Finally, we hope to sponsor a Justice Gathering with the JPIC office for the larger Sacred Heart community.
·       To live more humanly, we are working to improve communications to better serve the Associates in the Province including moving from our current blog to an actual website, improving our social media presence, and using technology to bring us closer together. 

We are grateful to all of our collaborators who serve on our subcommittees and to all who support the Associate movement throughout the Province.

New Book - from Associate David Richo

David Richo, PhD, is a Sacred Heart associate and the book is dedicated to the Associates. He is the author of The Sacred Heart of the World (Paulist Press).  He is sharing the news of his new book...  

Everything Ablaze: Meditating on the Mystical Vision of Teilhard de Chardin
(Paulist Press, 2017)
David Richo

Contemporary interest in Teilhard’s work manifests the evolutionary mysticism he taught and forecast, and which we can apply to our daily life. This is conscious evolution, a presence in the world as members of Christ’s body. Indeed, we are alive today to co-create—through Him, with Him, in Him, and as Him—the future Christ came to proclaim.

A meditative focus on Teilhard’s words opens us to the mysterious forces in the universe that continually reveal God’s face. Our calling is to join into the momentum of our evolving universe so we can engage with the world. We do this in all we are, and find it everywhere we are. Delightedly, we also discover who we are because a calling always reveals our surprising potential.

“Teilhard de Chardin believed that a vibrant Christian life can set the world on fire. In Everything Ablaze, Dave Richo describes Teilhard’s spirituality in clear and distinct prose, inviting the reader into a new understanding of faith and evolution. Richo highlights the world of Teilhard’s expansive ideas on the dynamism of spirituality, illuminating the life of the spirit as an evolution in love. For those interested in the thought of Teilhard de Chardin, Everything Ablaze provides a wonderful introduction.”
—Ilia Delio, OSF, Villanova University

 “David Richo does it again! His synthesis of good theology, good science, and good practice offers any reader a personalized universe that is filled with meaning, purpose, and direction! He fills in the gaping hole created by so much of postmodern cynicism. Be grateful for discovering this book!”
—Fr.Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation

Everything Ablaze: Meditating on the Mystical Vision of Teilhard de Chardin
Publication date is September 5, 2017
Now available for pre-order on Amazon.
Go to to the book page and it takes you to the Amazon page.

Associate Co-Coordinators Meeting - July 22-25, 2018

We are pleased to announce our Co-Coordinators Meeting for 2018 - Sunday, July 22nd to Wednesday, July 25th.  We will gather at the Pallottine Renewal Center in Florissant, MO. 

We typically convene every other year - to gather Co-Coordinators from across the Province to meet, share ideas, and plan for the future.  (This gathering was delayed a year due to the Spirituality Forum this summer.)  

This meeting will focus on the New Frontiers for the Associates' movement in the USC Province.  We will consider how we as Associates of the USC Province can give life to the calls from the Chapter of 2016 and continue to nourish the movement.  

We will gather in the afternoon of Sunday, July 22nd at 5 PM with dinner at 6 PM.  Our time together will come to a close at noon on Wednesday, July 25th.  We sincerely hope that each one can arrive before dinner on Sunday and be present for the full time - to give us time to develop relationships, have time for silence and prayer, as well as our work.  If anyone needs to stay another night to make this possible, please let us know.  (If travel requires an additional night's stay, the committee will consider covering that cost.)

It is our hope that your Associates group will cover the cost of the Associate Co-Coordinator's (or if he/she cannot attend the group's representative's) travel and stay at the retreat center.  The cost of the stay at the retreat center will be $324.00/person for a single room or $279.00/person for a double-room.  

We do hope that all groups will be represented.  To assist with this, scholarships are available from the Associates Committee.  The form is attached.

Please note that this meeting follows the 2018 Frontiers Conference (also at the Pallottine Retreat Center), described at the link:  We hope that those who are able will attend the Frontiers Conference before our meeting.

We will be in touch in early 2018 with additional details for the meeting.  

Please let us know if you have questions... or suggestions as we plan the agenda.

Cathy Knapik and Jane Steinfels
770-757-0576        847-529-3632

Chair and Co-chair – AC-USC​

Associates Committee Meeting 2017

AC-USC MEETING 4/21-23/2017
The Academy of the Sacred Heart
St. Charles, Missouri
The Associates Committee of the United States and Canada gathered together in St. Charles, Missouri for their annual meeting the weekend of April 21-23, 2017.
We enjoyed catching up with one another and welcoming our new members, Lori Wilson, Kristi Laughlin, and Mary Kay Hunyady, RSCJ on Friday evening.
Saturday we began with a review of our Strategic Plan, Annual Goals, Committee Roles, and the Role of the regional representatives. 
We discussed ways in which we could strengthen our relationship and collaboration between Associates and other constituencies within our Sacred Heart ‘family’. Currently, we collaborate with other constituencies by setting up a welcome table during major events like the AASH Conference in San Francisco. Additionally, we plan to have a welcome table at the Assembly, and the Spirituality Forum this summer.
Our Associates Handbook is available on our blog under ‘Resources’ and we invite everyone to use this resource to learn more about our group. More resources will be added to the blog and we will look for ways to link our blog to other websites that may be of interest to all.
Additionally, Jane explained the leadership transitions for the Associates Committee. Jane will take an “ex officio” role in the summer of 2017 through the summer of 2018, and a new co-chair will begin to work with Cathy Knapik, by the summer of 2018.
The Spirituality Committee reported that Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ requested the participation of the Associates during the opening of the Bicentennial celebration of Philippine’s arrival in the New World, on June 23, 2017, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. We will have a teleconference with all associate groups and the RSCJ’s celebrating a liturgy together. The RSCJ’s will renew their vows and all associates will have the opportunity to make a formal commitment.
We discussed the possibility of having our Co-coordinators meeting during the “Frontiers Conference” in July (19-22) of 2018, in Florissant, Missouri. This would be another way we may be able to communicate and collaborate with our Sacred Heart constituencies, to incorporate the four calls of the General Chapter 2016 into our future calls and plans.

The Sowers Committee, led by Jane Steinfels, will look at new avenues for growth of the Associates movement especially where new groups are desired; Brooklyn and Princeton, New York, and Denver Colorado. Mary Lyn Henkel, Seattle associate, will also work with Jane. 

Pat Geuting and Amy Richardson Co-coordinators for Washington, DC

Dear Associates,

We are very happy to announce the Provincial Team’s approval of Pat Geuting, RSCJ and Amy Richardson as co-coordinators for the Washington DC Associates’ Group. We are very excited that this group is moving forward.

Pat has been faithfully attending the Associates’ gatherings during the past year and a half and she expressed a willingness to take on the responsibility as a co-coordinator with Amy Richardson. She is deeply loved and respected by the members of the group and she has the skills and energy to do the job well.

Amy has been in our Sacred Heart family since she entered first grade at Stone Ridge in the early 60’s. She credits her twelve years at Sone Ridge with helping her to believe that “girls can do anything”, an attitude that served her well during medical school and her ensuing medical practice. She was involved with the Cleveland area AASH chapter and since moving back to DC has served on the Stone Ridge Alumnae Board and is currently a Trustee. Regarding the Associates, Amy writes: “Our year and a half of community building and discernment has convinced me that this relationship with the Society is the path opening before me to continue to live the journey toward the Sacred Heart charism that began all those years ago when Mother Mouton welcomed me to this wonderful Global family.”

We are grateful to Pat and Amy for their willingness to serve the Washington, DC Associates' group.

Cathy Knapik      Jane Steinfels
AC-USC Co-chairs